Background: When the executive branch of the national government was established in 1789, the federal bureaucracy consisted of just three Cabinet departments and the Office of the Attorney General, later to become the Justice Department. In 1789 the State Department had 9 employees, the War Department had 2, and the Treasury Department had 39. Today, the State Department employs about 28,000 civilians, the Defense Department about 670,000, and the Treasury Department about 163,000. The federal bureaucracy today boasts 15 Cabinet departments and dozens of agencies, regulatory commissions, and government corporations, with a civilian workforce of more than 2.8 million. The bureaucratic behemoth exercises power and influence over virtually every facet of the nation’s social and economic life. In the view of many observers, the power, reach, and independence of the federal bureaucracy demand that it be viewed as a fourth branch of government.

Directions: Your task is to take each component part of a home-delivered pizza and, using the links below, research the federal agencies and departments that would regulate it in some way. Use the chart to record how each component part of the pizza delivery is regulated by the agency and/or department.


Tomato Sauce







Cardboard box

Naming of Pizza

Diet Soda


Delivery Vehicle